Access to healthcare

In certain areas where we work, local and regional health infrastructure is under a high degree of pressure due to large populations and a lack of resources. That’s why we facilitate access to doctors, medicine and medical infrastructure to the people who live near our facilities. Birla Carbon is well-positioned in these regions to have a long-term positive impact.

Investing in good health

Healthcare is an area where our targeted community engagement work can have an immediate and visible impact. Our investment adds real value by supporting strained healthcare providers in parts of the world.

We invest in access to healthcare through:

  • Vaccination programs
  • Building health centers and hospitals
  • Mobile clinics and doctors’ visits
  • Medical camps
  • Infant and women’s health projects
  • Safe drinking water and sanitation
  • Illness prevention and awareness
  • Blood donation
  • Encouraging responsible childcare
  • Biometrics screening


Our people at our facilities have a direct, hands-on role in the communities that they impact.

South Asia

Gummidipoondi – we support primary health centers and one state hospital with annual equipment donations. We also organize periodical multi-specialty health camps, including vaccinations.

Renukoot – we offer large scale medical camps for nearby villages, providing 267 community residents with care in FY2017 for specific conditions such as orthopedic and neurological disorders, eye difficulties, women’s care and child immunization. Following a successful trial, we also treated 28 patients with an innovative hernia repair treatment.

South East Asia

Korea – we provide flu vaccines for employees and families, and organize a blood donation drive for the Korean Red Cross.

Europe and Africa

Egypt – we organize medical caravans to provide access to health services and treatment for approximately 3,500 community members. We also established four first aid points and coordinated first aid training with the Egyptian Red Crescent for 30 volunteers, including eight women. Since 2013, the plant has established four health centers providing general and women’s health services, as well as medicine to approximately 400 community members per month. We collaborate with various organizations to provide hygiene awareness programs and eye care for over 1,300 local students.

South America

Brazil – we organize events to promote cancer awareness, including a healthy food lunch for prostate cancer awareness, breast cancer lectures, and skin cancer awareness activities. We also hold vaccination campaigns for hepatitis and tetanus.

Good health and well-being

We provide health support through our community activities, such as providing access to vaccines where needed and access to doctors.

Partnerships for the goals

We help achieve the goals by working closely with our stakeholders, including community groups, universities, NGOs and the Aditya Birla Group.