Targets and progress

We hope to build long-term relations with our customers. This will only be possible through continuous investment in our people, our processes and the technology that we use. To meet our vision, we have reviewed and adapted our set of key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets for FY2020 and launched projects that will advance our business.

  • undefinedOn track to meet target
  • undefinedBehind schedule
  • undefinedNew target
  • undefinedTarget met and retained
Performance Progress toward target Targets
FY2014 FY2015 FY2016 FY2020
undefinedOur approach
Business Continuity/Reputation No. 1 No. 2 No. 2 No. 1
Maintain our leadership position in terms of carbon black production capacity
Business Continuity $64.1M $64.4M $69.4M1 >$100M
Approximately double our annual capital spending against FY2012 baseline to reach $100M
undefinedGovernance and ethics
Ethics 100% 100% 100% undefined 100%
100% of employees to receive Code of Ethics training
Air Emissions 90.7% 90.1% 90.2% undefined <78%
Reduce our direct emission intensity (tCO2/tcarbon black) by over 22% against 2005 baseline
Energy 69.8% 70.6% 2 71% undefined 80%
Increase our absolute energy conversion efficiency to 80%
Water 80% 81% 87% undefined 50%
Reduce our water withdrawal intensity (m3/tcarbon black) by 50% against FY2012 baseline for our high- and medium-risk sites
Product Stewardship 1 4 2 undefined Zero releases each year
Record zero environmental releases year on year
Safety 0.81 0.43 0.40 undefined 0
Zero recordable injuries (report on TRIR progress)
Management Team 100% 100% 100% undefined 100%
100% of Birla Carbon managers to have stated and measured goals set annually
Community Engagement 100% 100% 100% undefined 100% each year
100% of our facilities to participate in community engagement

1The amount shown does not include the funds invested in our Jining project.

2 Revised values based on improved calculation methodology.