Attracting and retaining talent

Developing and promoting internal talent from within Birla Carbon is instrumental to our people strategy. We assess internal candidates for their potential to take on enhanced responsibilities and leadership roles where possible. Through our support of A World of Opportunities, the Aditya Birla Group’s Employee Value Proposition, we offer our people exciting opportunities for their career development, recognition and overall wellbeing.

Progress towards target

Target: 100% of Birla Carbon managers to have stated and measured goals set annually
Target: 100% of Birla Carbon managers to have stated and measured goals set annually
FY2014FY2015FY2016FY2020 target
100% 100% 100% 100%

How do we attract talent?

Our goal is to become a recognized global employer of choice to help drive our business growth and geographical reach. To achieve this, besides robust hiring strategies, we focus on internal talent development, targeted internal movement and continuous engagement. 

Engaging and attracting the next generation of engineers and scientists remains crucial for our business growth and advancement. To attract this talent, we are building partnerships with local colleges and universities in the regions where we operate. Our internship opportunities provide a realistic work experience while enabling us to assess an intern’s potential for a long-term hire. In FY2016 we provided technical internships to 36 students. 

We also provide internship opportunities to participants who qualify for the Aditya Birla Group Leadership programs, generally for Business Management graduates from leading schools and universities in India and Asia. In FY2016, eight participants completed three-month internships within Finance, Plant Operations, Technology, Marketing and Human Resources.

We encourage our people to continue learning throughout their career by providing multiple opportunities and platforms. Our managers and full-time personnel are supported in the implementation of both regional and local strategies to improve their management skills and competencies. The objective is to enable our employees to meet their career aspirations, assume multiple roles within the company and perform successfully.

Management Development Program

The Management Development Program, launched in FY2014, continues to offer employees within the management cadre an online tool to help them track their development. With the assistance and support of their supervisors, employees are able to influence their career progress by selecting from various learning platforms, in the form of over 200 e-learning courses, on-the-job learning, external classes, conferences and short-term assignments. To date, 100% of employees in the management cadre training have a customized and documented Management Development Plan.

Recognizing our people

Our employees are recognized and rewarded for their contribution to our success. Besides performance-based rewards, exceptional performance is also recognized through regional, business and group-level awards.

The PRIDE Program

Exceptional individual or team performance is recognized through the PRIDE Program, providing employees with a monetary reward for outstanding contributions to the business. Besides being rewarded at the Business Level, our various locations supplement PRIDE with added regional recognition reflecting the traditions and cultural norms of their specific region.  

Group recognition

Employees are also recognized through the Aditya Birla Group Awards for Outstanding Achievement. Exceptional performers are nominated for individual awards, including Young Professional, Distinguished Achiever, Exceptional Contributor, Outstanding Leader and Value Leader.

In addition, business-level awards recognize excellence in a company, area or unit where specific initiatives have enhanced shareholder value and business sustainability. In FY2016, nine individual Birla Carbon employees won recognition and one of our teams received a competition award.

Career movements with Birla Carbon

At an increased rate, we have continued to make internal career paths easier to determine, through a streamlined career path framework for the Technology, Engineering and Operations areas. As part of talent development and growth, we encourage intra- and inter-regional movements of qualified employees as well as transfers from other businesses within the Aditya Birla Group. For example, we engage with the employees and their spouses prior to a potential relocation, ensuring that they are comfortable with the move and the role. We offer comprehensive support to relocating employees and their families, including assistance with school admissions and employment assistance for spouses. 

case study

Interview with Dr. Himanshu Patel, Technical Manager, Americas and Europe

Himanshu Patel was promoted from Technical Service Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa to Technical Manager for the Americas and Europe in FY2016. The role saw India-born Patel transfer from Germany, where he had worked since FY2013, to Marietta, Atlanta, in the United States.

What thoughts did you have when considering the move?
When I got the first call, my initial reaction was that an international move would be very exciting. However, when I thought about it further, I started to think about the broader impact – such as moving my family. Schools, languages and cultural openness… these are all important criteria when you consider a move – much more so than your own career.

How easy was the transition? What support did you get from Birla Carbon?
The Birla Carbon team did everything they could to make our transition as easy as possible. The initial visa processing took longer than expected but the company took care of us, finding temporary accommodation, providing a rental car and helping us settle in. I would say that when making such a move, you have to expect the unexpected and understand that patience is the name of the game.

Would you advise employees to consider making similar moves, where possible?
Absolutely. Any move away from your own comfort zone can be challenging, but moves like these are enriching both personally and professionally.


Decent Work and Economic Growth

We provide jobs in a number of regions and our business contributes to economic growth, both directly and indirectly.


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