We help our employees build careers through opportunities and continuous engagement. We are committed to instilling a mindset of safety for our employees that benefits them at work and off-the-job.

Garima Kothari

Assistant General Manager, Birla Carbon

“As a global organisation, with people from a wide range of backgrounds, we believe that it is important to engage employees through dynamic processes. A big step in this direction for us is the ‘One Voice’ survey – an in-house engagement survey that helps us hear the voice of employees from all levels of the organization. Tools such as these bring us closer to the goal of total inclusion, helping leadership and each site to formulate action plans that can bring real change!”

We listen to what matters to our people, recognizing that attracting and retaining the best talent, and keeping them safe, is a fundamental driver of our continued success.

Changing our health and safety culture

We have rolled out Commitment Based Safety at 6 facilities.

Listening to our people

All of our employees participated in internal opinion surveys.

Access to clean water

13 of our facilities have achieved our WASH target, with the remaining four on the path to this goal.