Though invisible, carbon black plays a crucial role in improving all our lives. We ensure that our product is safe, manufactured to the highest standards and continually innovated.

Dr. Charles Herd

Director, Rubber Carbon Technology

“The fact that it is everywhere around us means that carbon black plays a key role in all of our lives. Through research and development, we continuously seek to improve our carbon black and identify new applications and opportunities.”

We supply our customers with carbon black of the very highest quality, that is safe to use and responsibly manufactured.

Investing in the future

We invested 4.8% of our profit into product and technology R&D in FY2017

Embedding product stewardship

We rolled out our Product Stewardship Standard in four other facilities, meaning it is now active in 100% of our sites

Talking to our customers

We sent over 1,300 letters in response to direct requests, with 100% replied to within 24 hours