Sustainability updates

Sustainable operational excellence (SOE) has become our business strategy. Find out more about the actions we have taken to put SOE into our work in FY2015.

  • Celebrating 50 years of Commitment in Europe

    Birla Carbon’s plant in Spain celebrated its 50th anniversary marking its long term commitment to the carbon black industry and customers in Europe.

    In an age where things change quickly and industry is in a constant state of flux, celebrating 50 years as a milestone is not a common occurrence. Birla Carbon’s Cantabria plant in Spain achieved this milestone this year, creating a landmark to its commitment to the carbon black industry in Europe and its ability to evolve as a sustainable, progressive partner.

    Sharing his thoughts on the milestone, Jacinto Zarca, General Manager, Birla Carbon Spain said, “We are a small big company. Small in the number of workers but big in turnover, profit and commitment to our customers and community. He further added, “We have proved over the last five decades that it is possible to evolve with the changing times, when we stand committed to our principles of sustainability and technology.”

    Speaking at the event, John Loudermilk, President, North America and Europe & Africa region, Birla Carbon said, “The Cantabria plant is the most efficient plant in the world in its energy cycle while manufacturing carbon black, providing both major cost advantages and environmental advantages ensuring the sustainability of our future.” For Birla Carbon employees in Spain, this was an opportunity to mark this achievement with representatives from local government, community and customers. The celebrations witnessed the presence of Miguel Angel Revilla, the President of Cantabria, Rosa Eva Díaz Tezanos, Vice President of Cantabria, members of the local community and few customers.

    More details of the event are available in the video link.

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  • Silver CSR Rating from EcoVadis

    Sustainability consultancy EcoVadis ranked Birla Carbon in the top 10% of suppliers in the Environmental, Fair Business and Labor categories.

    EcoVadis, a third-party consultancy specialized in Supplier Sustainability Rating, assessed Birla Carbon’s profile on key sustainability indicators in March 2015. The assessment includes a comparison with over 150 other suppliers from related industrial sectors. Overall, we scored 57%, an improvement on our previous score of 52%, achieving a strong ‘Silver CSR Rating’. More importantly than the score itself, it places us in a top-10% leadership position within our supplier group. Of significance, we achieved best-in-class scores for three of the four performance categories: Environmental, Labor and Fair Business practices. Our points of improvement were accentuated by our score on Sustainable Procurement practices. While the score in this area was less positive, we believe that this relates more to the limited visibility of our practices, rather than the practices themselves.  It is our intention to reverse this perception during FY2016 by reinforcing our leadership position with a ‘Gold CSR Rating’ in the near future. 

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  • Putting down roots with our customers

    During their visit to our Indian plant at Patalganga, customers have been creating lasting ties of a different kind: by planting trees. 

    Each tree bears the name of its planter, and is cared for, watered and maintained by local personnel. To date, the roots of over 60 trees have been firmly embedded, as a symbol of the long-lasting ties built between Birla Carbon and our customers. On an annual basis, two photos are sent to the tree planter by Unit Head Vinay Bhalero and Chief Marketing Officer Rahul Kohli: one of the tree when placed in the ground, and another showing how thick, deep and lasting these bonds have grown.

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