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Innovating sustainably to bring value to our customers and lead the industry

At Birla Carbon, sustainability is our constant aspiration. We have set targets to improve our environmental stewardship, while creating a workplace where employees feel supported and encouraged to do their best. This includes promoting an attitude of collaboration, Sharing the Strength to develop innovative product solutions that address our customers’ needs both now and in the future.

Every decision we make is influenced by our Sustainable Operational Excellence (SOE) strategy: from how we design and run our plants, to how we interact with our customers, our suppliers and local communities. Our strategy relies on three key elements: people, product and process.

At Birla Carbon, we have reached a maturity level where we have the tools and framework to better address sustainability and have much to share with others. It is our obligation to go to the next level by sharing the strength and involving all our partners and stakeholders to deliver even greater value.”

Dr. Gilles Moninot Global Sustainability Director

The passion of our people

As a global employer, we create direct and indirect jobs all over the world. With our support, our people actively engage with local communities, helping to address their needs.

We recognize that our employees want to work in a business with real purpose but where they are also encouraged to discover their own purpose. We are doing everything we can to help our people carve their way at Birla Carbon.”

Joe Gaynor Chief Legal, Sustainability and Risk Officer

Continuously evolving our product

Carbon black enables sustainable development through its many applications, helping make products safer and longer-lasting.

Even if you do not notice it, carbon black is in many everyday objects, making life easier and more comfortable.

A responsible and sustainable process

We minimize our impact on natural resources, producing carbon black efficiently and in a socially responsible and ethical manner.

From raw material extraction to manufacture to delivery, follow our carbon stewardship efforts across our value chain.

Using a waste product as feedstock, we have little direct impact on carbon emissions at raw material extraction.

In our manufacturing facilities we are reducing emissions through generating our own energy.

With operations on every continent, we are minimizing transport distances and, so, emissions.

FY2019 key highlights at a glance

  • 43% of waste produced in our facilities is repurposed.

  • We were awarded a Gold rating by EcoVadis for the third consecutive year.

    Global recognition
  • 100% of our 9,000+ suppliers screened using NAVEX Global's RiskRate® due diligence system.

    Supplier management
  • We introduced our Serious Injury and Fatality initiative to reduce accidents in six key operation areas.

    Health and safety
  • 75% of our plants are now energy positive.

    Carbon stewardship
  • All 18 laboratories achieved 100% alignment with the ASTM Laboratory Proficiency Rating System.

    Product quality

Share the Strength

With over a century’s worth of expertise in carbon black, we work to share our knowledge with our customers, employees and communities to increase value for everyone. From this desire comes our Purpose, Share the Strength, and the five Purpose Principles that guide our efforts.

Focusing on what matters

Familiar Bonds

Compound Knowledge

Micro Matters

Beyond Durable

Challenge Tested

Being responsible stewards

Operating in 12 countries, we aspire to reach higher standards of responsible stewardship, reducing our impact on both the planet and people. To achieve this, we have aligned Birla Carbon’s operations with the Aditya Birla Group (ABG) Sustainable Business Framework. Through ABG, whose sustainability framework has been certified as conforming to the requirements of the UN Global Compact (UNGC), Birla Carbon has also aligned our strategy, adhering to the 10 principles of the UNGC.

Our vision

At Birla Carbon, our vision is to be the most respected, sustainable and dynamic global carbon black business. We want to be the preferred partner for our customers and to show employees we are the best place to work. To achieve this, we are placing a stronger focus on our SOE strategy.

Our Approach
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