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Community infrastructure

Many of the communities where we operate are severely underequipped in terms of basic infrastructure such as buildings, roads and public facilities. We believe that we have a responsibility to partner with local people to provide practical and sustainable infrastructure solutions.

Structural support where needed

We identify opportunities to improve local buildings and infrastructure through our ongoing engagement with local people, focusing on the most critical requirements.

Examples of areas where we contribute include:

  • Community centers
  • Schools
  • Roads
  • Homes
  • Rural power supplies
  • Irrigation and water storage facilities
  • Sanitation

Building resilient communities

We believe that access to basic infrastructure is a non-negotiable right for everyone, and some of those nearest to us need practical support to achieve it.

Hickok, USA

We make annual donations to support the local fire department in nearby Ulysses, allowing them to purchase equipment and fund training. Ulysses is a small community, and the fire department is run by volunteers, including some of our Hickok employees. The Hickok Unit Head volunteered on the COVID‑19 task force for Grant County.

Trecate, Italy

We sponsor a local youth basketball team, with funding going towards basketball training at the local elementary school and the purchase of equipment.

Tiszaújváros, Hungary

We supported the planting of new trees in the parks of Tiszaújváros. We also sponsored a marathon hosted in Tiszaújváros to celebrate Hungary’s International Triathlon Week. Over 900 people participated, including several of our own employees.

Alexandria, Egypt

Four community development centers are now up and running in nearby villages. The centers each house a nursery, literacy facilities, a primary health center, tailoring center, offices and other amenities.

Gummidipoondi, India

We renovated a community health center in Pappankuppam village in association with the Rotary Club of Gummidipoondi Industrial City. We also provided funding to install household toilets and a reverse osmosis plant in two villages to ensure safe potable water for villagers. Development of an overhead water tank ensured villagers had a water supply even during times of power cut or low water availability. Mini mast lights and streetlights have been installed by Birla Carbon Gummidipoondi, reducing mugging and providing safer environments for our employees after dark.

Patalganga, India

We donated school furniture to two classrooms and provided a shed to the local police station which is used as a waiting area for visitors.

Renukoot, India

We provided access to safe drinking water to 2,000 people living in local villages and funded the purchase of a water tank to store clean water for 3,260 people in the village of Muirpur. We also supported the Clean India Campaign to clean the streets of local villages and provided clothes and blankets to people living in poverty. During the COVID‑19 outbreak, we carried out sanitization of roads and streets in the local community.

Angthong, Thailand

Collaborating with local traffic police, we set up barriers for incoming traffic control and related checkpoints in the province, to help control the spread of COVID‑19. We also collaborated with the village chief of the Huapai, Saithong, and Posa sub-districts in Angthong to distribute food to about 3,000 families.

Weifang, China

We support families in need through clothing donations. One of our Production General Foremen led a team of volunteers who disinfected local schools and public areas in January and February 2020. The team spent their personal time and purchased the equipment by themselves.

Yeosu, South Korea

We provide financial support for the maintenance of local welfare centers for migrant workers, women and their families. We welcomed new arrivals and invited them to tour our facility.

How we are supporting the SDGs


Clean water and sanitation

Ensuring clean water and sanitation is a priority for us, and we invest in infrastructure programs to provide clean and safe water to villages in regions where we operate.

SDG 10

Reduced inequalities

We fund the building of various community centers, ensuring everyone in the communities where we operate has access to basic services.

SDG 11

Sustainable cities and communities

By investing in infrastructure projects, as well as those which promote community learning, we are helping to build safe, sustainable communities.

SDG 17

Partnerships for the goals

We work with governments, as well as various community groups, to fund local infrastructure-development projects.

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