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Access to healthcare

In some of the areas where we work, local and regional health infrastructure faces pressure due to population growth and a lack of resources.

Birla Carbon is well positioned in these regions to have a long-term positive impact; we facilitate access to doctors and medicine, promote immunization programs and invest in medical infrastructure for the people who live near our facilities.

Investing in good health

Healthcare is an area where our community engagement work has the potential to have an immediate and visible impact. We add real value to our communities by supporting strained healthcare providers and bringing important medical services closer to those who really need them.

We invest in access to healthcare through:

  • Vaccination programs
  • Building health centers and hospitals
  • Mobile clinics and doctors’ visits
  • Medical camps
  • Infant and women’s health projects
  • Safe drinking water and sanitation
  • Illness prevention and awareness
  • Blood donation
  • Encouraging responsible childcare
  • Biometrics screening

Promoting healthy communities

The people at our facilities have a direct, hands-on role in the communities that they impact.

Hickok, USA

Our Hickok unit supplied 40 respirators to local law enforcement and 40 respirators to the sanitation department.

North Bend, USA

Our North Bend team contributed to Healthy Skin, an educational and screening program developed by The Skin Cancer Foundation. The program’s purpose is to educate the public about skin cancer risks, disease avoidance and early-stage recognition. Approximately 1,000 people have received free skin cancer screenings and thousands more have benefited from sun protection and early detection education.

Camaçari and Cubatão, Brazil

We donated mechanical ventilator equipment to the state of Bahia, Brazil as part of a partnership with chemical and petrochemical industries in Bahia led by FIEB (Bahia Industries Federation). Each industry donated at least one ventilator.

Hannover, Germany

Our team in Germany recently promoted community health through sponsoring wheelchair basketball team Hannover United, which plays in the German National League.

Santander, Spain

Birla Carbon Spain became an allied member of Amara Cantabria (the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer) in early 2018. In May 2019, 50 employees from our team in Spain took part in the Race Against Childhood Cancer in Cantabria. All funds raised went to Amara Cantabria and the Ronald McDonald Children's Foundation.

We donated 50 masks and 75 Tyvek protective suits to emergency services during the COVID‑19 outbreak. Eight hundred masks, 100 Tyveks and 20 pairs of safety glasses were donated to the Cantabrian Health Service, who distributed them among hospitals and health centers in the region.

Trecate, Italy

Despite being located in the center of the COVID‑19 storm in Italy, Birla Carbon Italy has continued to help the community through donations to the City of Trecate for masks and those in need. We also provided the Red Cross with Tyvek protective suits. The team donated €1,500 to Novara Hospital to go towards the purchase of materials and machinery, and a further €10,000 to help local charity organizations purchase masks for the local community.

Tiszaújváros, Hungary

We supported the Foundation for Pediatric Surgical Patients through generous donations from our team.

Alexandria, Egypt

We established primary health centers in four villages. These provide access to health services for around 300 people every month, along with medical campaigns, a lab service and access to medicines. We provided Amreya District with sanitization tools and materials such as road sprayer tanks, backpack sprayers and chlorine. This year, we increased Ramadan boxes of essential commodities by 10% (compared to 2019) and distributed them to local low-income families, especially those self-isolating due to COVID‑19 and those who do not have any source of income.

Renukoot, India

We organized multiple mobile medical camps that reached 23 villages, providing them with general check-ups and free medicine. We supported the Pulse Polio Campaign and provided safe drinking water at remote locations. We also held health awareness camps twice a month in locations with limited access.

Masks and sanitation material were provided to the district administration. We also organized a COVID‑19 awareness campaign for communities near the plant and surrounding localities.

Patalganga, India

We organized a wide range of health initiatives, including dental check-up camps for school students, a blood group testing camp for college students and HIV/AIDS awareness programs to mark World AIDS Day. We also provided a reverse osmosis water system for clean and safe drinking water at primary schools, held various women’s health seminars in the villages and supported the Pulse Polio Campaign.

At the request of the local community panchayat, we provided masks and sanitation materials during the COVID‑19 outbreak.

Gummidipoondi, India

We continue to support the Pulse Polio Campaign to promote childhood polio vaccination and provided multi-specialty health camps for local villagers and students in association with the Public Health Department.

We also teamed up with the Wockhardt Foundation to run a Mobile Clinic Project which provides general check-ups and free medicine. Two camps are held every day for six days, allowing us to reach 12 villages in a week.

At the request of the local community panchayat (village council), we supplied COVID‑19 awareness materials, reusable cloth masks, sanitation materials and provisions.

Angthong, Thailand

We funded a new bathroom at Tambon Huapai hospital and arranged a mobile health clinic to provide access to health services for villagers. We also launched our “Be Happy and Smile” project for the Huapai community to strengthen the relationship between our Angthong plant and our neighbors. During the event, around 50 local children were taught about the negative impacts of drugs.

Our Thailand plant collaborated with other Aditya Birla Group companies to source portable ventilators, PPE and masks to support ABG COVID‑19 response initiatives in India.

Yeosu, South Korea

We provided flu vaccines for employees and families and organized a blood donation drive for the Korean Red Cross. We also provided financial support to the Namsan Sanitarium, which provides care services and accommodation for the elderly.

How we are supporting the SDGs


Good health and well-being

We provide health support through a range of community activities, including facilitating access to vaccines and doctors.

SDG 17

Partnerships for the goals

We collaborate with several organizations to achieve the goals and increase access to health and medical support.

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