Access to healthcare

In some of the areas where we work, local and regional health infrastructure faces pressure due to population growth and a lack of resources. Birla Carbon is well positioned in these regions to have a long-term positive impact; we facilitate access to doctors and medicine, promote immunization programs and invest in medical infrastructure for the people who live near our facilities.

Investing in good health

Healthcare is an area where our targeted community engagement work can have an immediate and visible impact. Our investment adds real value by supporting strained healthcare providers in certain parts of the world.

We invest in access to healthcare through:

  • Vaccination programs
  • Building health centers and hospitals
  • Mobile clinics and doctors’ visits
  • Medical camps
  • Infant and women’s health projects
  • Safe drinking water and sanitation
  • Illness prevention and awareness
  • Blood donation
  • Encouraging responsible childcare
  • Biometrics screening


Our people at our facilities have a direct, hands-on role in the communities that they impact.

South Asia

Gummidipoondi – We supported a Pulse Polio Campaign and provided multi-specialty health camps for local villagers and students in association with the Public Health Department. We also provided infrastructure support to primary health centers, donated medical equipment to the local hospital and improved access to safe drinking water for communities through investment in a Reverse Osmosis Plant.

Patalganga – We organized a wide range of health initiatives for communities, including: dental check-up camps for primary and secondary school pupils; a blood group testing camp for college students; HIV/AIDS awareness programs to mark World AIDS Day; and support for the Pulse Polio Campaign to promote childhood polio vaccination.

Renukoot – We ran a polio immunization camp for children under five living in nearby villages as part of the fight to eliminate polio. We also supported treatment for specific conditions, including hernia surgery for some 93 beneficiaries, and ran a blood donation camp.

South East Asia

Thailand – We funded a new bathroom at Tambon Huapai hospital and arranged a mobile health clinic to provide access to health services for villagers.

Korea – We provided flu vaccines for employees and families and organized a blood donation drive for the Korean Red Cross. In Yeosu, we provided financial support to the Namsan sanitarium, which provides care services and accommodation for the elderly.

Europe and Africa

Spain – Birla Carbon Spain became an allied member of Amara Cantabria (the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer). We are sponsoring the production of a children’s storybook which will support conversations about cancer with children who suffer from it, and with their families and schools.

Egypt – We established primary health centers in four villages. These provide access to health services for some 300 people a month, along with medical campaigns, a lab service and access to medicines.

Hungary – We supported a blood donation clinic in the local community.

Good health and well-being

We provide health support through our community activities, such as providing access to vaccines where needed and access to doctors.

Partnerships for the goals

We help achieve the goals by working closely with our stakeholders, including community groups, universities, NGOs and the Aditya Birla Group.