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Quality education

We believe that young people are the future, and we depend on local communities as a source of talent for our business. We are targeting our efforts to support local young people in reaching their full potential.

Providing educational support

Effective, high-quality education provides opportunities for young people, but the school systems do not always receive the support they need. As the leaders of tomorrow, we engage with local teenagers, introducing them to what our industry has to offer. In some regions, we provide financial support and internships. In others, we help build schools and provide practical training in specific areas for adults.

Our educational support spans:

  • Open days for students
  • Scholarship programs and internships
  • Funding for new school buildings
  • Community awareness training
  • Immersive English-language camps
  • Safety awareness and training

Supporting the next generation

The educational support we offer varies from region to region as we tailor our local community engagement approach to ensure we meet local needs.

Marietta, USA

We have developed our partnership with Kennesaw State University in Georgia, now in its sixth year, pledging $275,000 (up from $250,000 last year), to offer scholarships to 11 students a year. As part of our partnership, we also provide internships and employment opportunities at Birla Carbon. Since 2014, 61 scholars have participated in the summer research opportunity. This year's cohort were recognized by the university at a symposium where scholars presented their work.

Hamilton, Canada

Every year, Mohawk College in Hamilton selects four students from its Power Engineering program to complete a three-month training program at Birla Carbon. The traineeship provides students with hands-on operating experience of the cogeneration power plant and counts towards their Power Engineering certification.

Camaçari and Cubatão, Brazil

We focus on supporting students at local public schools to help improve their employment prospects and career planning. Our volunteers talk about their own careers, highlighting the competences that students need to enter the labor market, as well as discussing the role of chemistry in our lives. Through a volunteer program, developed in collaboration with apprenticeship program, CAMP, we hosted a lecture for students on how to prepare for their first job interview as well as career prospects and what to expect from application and recruitment processes.

In October 2019, the Health, Safety and Environment team at Birla Carbon Cubatão held a training session for students of the ETEC Dona Escolástica Rosa. During the session, students were given a tour of the plant and learned more about our safety procedures and best practices related to the carbon black industry.

Santander, Spain

Birla Carbon Spain (BCS) sponsored and opened a special library for Marine de Cudeyo, a school in Cantabria. The library, which has been designed as a labyrinth with a secret entrance and a slide to exit, is one of five libraries that BCS has sponsored and built in collaboration with various companies and members of the educational community.

Trecate, Italy

In September 2018, we began sponsorship of the Rodari Primary School in Trecate. In September 2019, phase two of this sponsorship was completed with the inauguration of the “ArchiLab.” This space, which is located within the school's premises, will be an architecture and photography section for the whole city. Included in the space are architecture and design projects which were produced by students over the year.

We also sponsor an annual children’s summer camp in Trecate. Each year, 30 children live together for a week, learning how to take care of themselves and others – from making their beds and cleaning their living spaces to learning about risks, safety and how to react in emergencies. And, of course, they get to play together too, developing valuable teamwork, social and communication skills. For one afternoon during the week, they also visit our nearby plant, where they find out how we handle our own risks and safety procedures.

In November 2019, Birla Carbon sponsored, and participated in, a high school fair in the Province of Novara. During the fair, middle and high school students and their teachers and parents could talk to members of the Birla Carbon Italy team to gain information about our business and industry. We also organized a workshop, where students learned more about carbon black and got to conduct small chemical experiments.

We participated in the Smart Challenge Project, an innovative project which is trialing a virtual schoolwork alternation for the first time, in the Piedmont region of Italy. Through the project, students were challenged to develop concepts for managing a company training database. Birla Carbon Italy awarded students from different high schools and challenged them on their problem-solving, creativity, innovation and teamwork skills.

Alexandria, Egypt

We supported classes in three government-run schools to help 400 students achieve better grades. We also provided sports, arts and computer literacy activities to 1,300 students in village schools. Three nursery school facilities, benefiting 400 children and their families, have been established. We ran our “LEARN” program for the second consecutive year, expanding it to allow over 200 children from three villages to participate. The children prepared for the next academic year through a range of scouting, arts and crafts, and healthy habits classes. New activities were introduced this year, including recycling waste materials back into useful objects.

Birla Carbon Egypt’s (BCE’s) “Towards a Sustainable Tomorrow” competition for graduating students of the Faculty of Engineering at Pharos University, Alexandria encourages them to relate their graduation projects to sustainability in creative ways. Eight projects were submitted for consideration, with the top four receiving awards at a special ceremony in June 2019. The four winning projects covered the topics of turning waste plastics into fuel, developing more efficient fertilizers, increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and building sustainable cities.

Renukoot, India

We provided free education at the Aditya Bal Vidya Mandir school, including classes in public speaking and personality development, and donated uniforms and educational kits to a nearby school. We also led various celebrations and rallies, including the “School Enrollment and Awareness Rally” and supported local sports teams.

Patalganga, India

We distributed school uniforms, school bags and stationery items to students in pre-primary, primary and secondary years as well as providing computers and furniture to surrounding schools. We also supported creative learning through a wall-painting activity at a local Angawandi.

Gummidipoondi, India

We continued our Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) project to promote access to safe water and hygiene facilities in two educational institutions, with around 1,275 children benefiting from the initiative. Our Eureka Super Kids After School Program, developed in collaboration with AID INDIA, aided 200 children from the poorest families with extra educational support. We also funded a range of scholarships and educational support to enhance students’ learning capacity. We funded the construction of several educational facilities, including a computer lab and two primary schools.

Jining, China

We conducted community safety training at a local primary school for students.

Weifang, China

In August 2019, Birla Carbon Weifang (BCW) hosted its third “Sail the Life” award ceremony, at which 80 students were presented with awards for excellent performance in college entrance examinations. Five students were further rewarded donations for their studies. During Children’s Day, 200 outstanding students were invited to visit the BCW plant to learn more about the value of carbon black and the focus the plant places on safety and environmental protection. In addition, we donated sports equipment to a community team.

Yeosu, South Korea

We covered the operational expenses for a multicultural youth soccer club within the community.

How we are supporting the SDGs


Quality education

As a member of the Aditya Birla Group, which is strongly committed to education, Birla Carbon provides learning support to communities where we operate.


Decent work and economic growth

We offer work experience and opportunities to young people in an attempt to reduce unemployment.

SDG 17

Partnerships for the goals

We help achieve the goals by working closely with local community members and educational facilities.

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