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Focusing on what is now while imagining what is next fuels our motivation and ignites our inspiration to Share the Strength. We yield our best results when we are open to other perspectives and work together to make a difference. That is why we aim to develop relationships with our customers and suppliers, ensuring that we all meet our high ethical standards and align our sustainability strategies to take us Beyond Durable, for the long term.

Micro matters

We believe that by encouraging forward-thinking operations on a regional level, we can create value at an international level. By working with local customers and suppliers in the countries where we operate, we can communicate local learning throughout a worldwide network, creating innovative and industry-leading solutions.

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At Birla Carbon, sustainability is not confined to our plants and the environment we operate in. It has a much broader role to play in our business. It’s an integral component of our Customer Value Management Process and together they form the core of our Sales & Marketing DNA. Sustainability as a key intangible differentiator has helped us to create real value for our customers globally.”

Jayant Gehlot Area Marketing Manager – Asia

Working to create value for our customers

  • Building strong customer relationships

    In an ever-changing business landscape, we must learn to adapt as the needs of our customers evolve. This includes not only asking for and acting on the feedback of our customers to improve the products we offer, but also ensuring we are transparent about our ongoing sustainability efforts.

  • Creating a sustainable supply chain

    We strive to ensure we act ethically and responsibly throughout our operations. This involves working with our complex supply base to make sure they adhere to our strict Code of Ethics and our ethics and compliance standards.

FY2020 highlights

  • We were awarded a gold rating by EcoVadis for the fourth consecutive year for our advanced sustainable practices.

    Global recognition
  • Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) was 59 in FY2020 (FY2019: 55).

    Customer engagement
  • We updated our internal Procurement Policies in FY2020 to require due diligence screening of all suppliers.

    Supplier management

Feature stories

How we are supporting the SDGs

Through working closely with our supply chain, as well as with all of our employees worldwide, we promote the responsible consumption of raw materials and ensure measures are in place to improve the sustainability of our production processes. Through partnering with our customers, we are learning what we need to do to better address sustainability targets that protect both people and the environment.

The SDGs we are supporting are:

  • SDG 12
  • SDG 17
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