As a team of forward-thinking regional operators with an international impact, we aim to push the industry beyond its limits to deliver limitless value. For us, every challenge tested is an opportunity – a chance to deliver the smartest solutions, to solve a real need and to improve the way we do things. It means taking a long-term view and continuously adapting and investing in our environmental stewardship to use resources more efficiently and minimize our adverse impacts.

Ronaldo S. Duarte

Regional President South America

“Because we believe that growth depends on sustainability, Birla Carbon makes every decision through a lens that anticipates future needs. It is this willingness to invest in sustaining our future – not just for the next quarter, but for the next quarter century – that ensures we constantly improve our environmental stewardship.”

Our operations use natural resources such as oil, gas and water, which we manage conscientiously and responsibly.

Taking steps to a smaller footprint

Our overall carbon footprint intensity has decreased by 12% since FY2012.

Globally energy positive

60% of our facilities are energy positive with 13 of 16 plants making energy-related investments in FY2018.

Reducing our water impact

We’ve reduced our water withdrawal intensity at high-risk sites1 by 6% since 2013 and we will improve on this in coming years.

1 Sites deemed at high risk for availability or accessibility of water and those reliant on groundwater.