Our license to operate is founded on our compliance with international laws, standards, codes of conduct and our own strict business principles. Compliance is also a basic customer and stakeholder expectation. As responsible stewards of the world around us, we not only comply with but adopt best practices and internationally recognized standards that guide our work and allow us to take greater industry leadership.

Management systems

All our operating manufacturing plants are certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard. By FY2018, seven plants (44%) had received certification in the ISO 50001 standard (FY2017: seven plants). ISO 50001 stimulates organizations to establish systems and procedures necessary to improve their energy efficiency, use and consumption. We expect all our sites to attain ISO 50001 in the coming years.

Our Environmental Audit Program not only reviews the compliance and implementation of our standards, but also includes biennial safety and compliance audits. These audits conducted by Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) corporate staff and outside auditors include inspections, employee interviews and detailed reviews of regulatory issues at each plant to ensure 100% compliance with national, regional and local regulations. Any issue identified is prioritized and tracked monthly by the Corporate HSE Managers through Enablon, our integrated sustainability management tool. In FY2018, we conducted seven audits of our environmental performance and nine of our health and safety performance.

Investing in world-class facilities

To improve efficiency, we continuously invest in and enhance our older plants, while developing a new generation of facilities to support our future sustainable business growth. In FY2018, we invested $14.2 million in state-of-the-art technology to help us maximize the efficiency of our manufacturing processes and enhance our environmental performance.

These investments include:

Ensuring high standards of data privacy globally

On May 25 2018, the European Union enacted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe and reshape the way organizations approach data privacy. Birla Carbon is committed to preserving the privacy rights of all individuals whose personal data we process, not just in Europe but globally. We have put in place a new set of data processing policies and procedures that ensure compliance with GDPR’s privacy protections. Consistent with our compliance philosophy that the highest standard anywhere is the minimum requirement everywhere, these policies and procedures establish the baseline rules and procedures for all processing activities involving personal data within Birla Carbon – in Europe and throughout the world. We have rolled out our training to all our active employees in Europe.

  • Governance framework

100% operating manufacturing plants certified to ISO 14001 and 44% to ISO 50001.