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It is easy to get things done and hard to let each other down when everyone is truthful and transparent. At Birla Carbon, we focus on knowledge as our strength to deliver solutions around the world. As we look to go Beyond Durable, we uphold the highest ethical standards across all our business activities, and we expect our stakeholders to do the same.

Challenge Tested

Our Challenge Tested Purpose Principle highlights our commitment to seeing every obstacle as an opportunity for growth. We view a growing customer focus on sustainability and transparency as a chance to develop our governance structure and ethical standards to ensure we are protecting the environment, human rights and the interests of our customers.

Find out more about our five Purpose Principles

At Birla Carbon, Enterprise Risk Management is a fundamental element of sustainable operational excellence. By identifying risks as soon as possible and accurately assessing the potential impacts to the business, we can deploy strategies focused on avoiding or minimizing the risk, rather than having to react to a crisis. By doing so, we’re making sure we always provide our customers with an uninterrupted supply of carbon black.”

Steven Brenske Global Health and Safety Manager, Birla Carbon

Working to the highest standards of compliance

  • Our approach to governance

    We are focused on building the strongest governance teams to ensure that we are performing to the highest standards and that our employees feel supported in their work development. We have modeled our governance on Aditya Birla Group’s Responsible Stewardship Framework, through which we are aligned with the UN Global Compact.

  • Building ethical operations

    To deliver the service we aspire to, we must strive for the highest ethical standards with regards to human rights, fair business and labor. We expect our employees and our extended network of suppliers to adhere to these standards as well.

    Code of Global Business Ethics and Compliance Standards PDF, 1.3 MB

  • Industry-leading compliance

    We can only continue to innovate our products if we comply with international laws, standards and codes of conduct with regard to safety and environmental stewardship. We aim not only to comply but to be an industry leader in best practice.

FY2020 performance highlights

  • Over 300 site risks identified and managed since our enterprise risk management approach was updated.

  • Six plants have received certification in the ISO 50001 energy management standard.

  • Due diligence screenings completed for all 9,000+ active Birla Carbon vendors.


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