It’s easy to get things done and hard to let each other down when everyone is truthful and transparent. At Birla Carbon, we focus on knowledge as our strength to deliver solutions around the world. As we look to go beyond durable, we uphold the highest ethical standards across all our business activities and we expect our stakeholders to do the same.

Birla Carbon Purpose Principle

Challenge Tested

“Each day, as individuals and as a company, we rise to the challenge and deliver a better way – a better way to keep our product moving, a better way to come together for our customers and communities. That commitment to each other’s growth, and to social good, is in our DNA.”

We embed ethics across our entire business, preparing for adverse conditions and sharing best practices.

Full adherence to ethics

100% of active employees annually complete and sign our Code of Ethics training.

Sharing best practices

505 operational best practices implemented through the World Class Manufacturing group (FY2017: 453).

Investing more in technology

$14.2 million invested in state-of-the-art technology to enhance our performance (FY2017: $21 million).