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About our report

Our eighth report draws on performance highlights from April 2019 to March 2020 (FY2020) and covers the full scope of our global operations. It contains a detailed analysis of our sustainability performance over the past year and highlights specific targets for the future.

As we strive to improve our sustainability efforts, we are constantly learning and developing. We welcome all suggestions and feedback from our stakeholders – including customers, employees and suppliers – as we work to fully embed sustainability at the heart of our business.

SOE drives our continued progress across all aspects of sustainability and corporate responsibility. We produce our annual Sustainability Report to document our progress, successes and challenges in these areas, promote transparency and drive continuous improvement.

This report was approved by Birla Carbon’s Senior Management Team.

It has been produced in accordance with the GRI Standards at Comprehensive level. A GRI content index, including reference to the relevant SDGs, can be found here:

GRI Index PDF, 1.33 MB


We have attributed each of our material issues to a relevant material topic outlined in the GRI Standards. Below we have outlined the boundaries for each of our topics. Where the topic has been identified as relevant within the organization, it applies across all entities of the Birla Carbon business. To tailor this list to our stakeholders, we have used Birla Carbon terminology to describe each of the aspects.


Feedback on our report is an essential component of our commitment to SOE. Comments are reviewed by our SSC and will, in many cases, be incorporated into future reports.

Please send your feedback to:

Dr. Gilles Moninot
Global Sustainability Director
Birla Carbon

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