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The third stage of our SOE journey demands that we look to the future to effectively adapt to global and social megatrends and build the resilience of our international business.

We use horizon scanning and scenario planning to identify external factors that could potentially impact our business, considering the risks and opportunities as we shape our future strategy.

In FY2017, we engaged Forum for the Future, a specialized NGO, to help us identify the external factors that could impact our business in the years to come. While we have successfully responded to many issues over the last 170 years, we believe it is time to provide more structure to our thinking in this area. In FY2020, we continue to apply Forum for the Future’s findings where relevant.

We continue to invest in people and technology, making strong progress on our KPIs, which in turn enables sustainable operations in the short to medium term.

The megatrends that could affect Birla Carbon

Although our analysis of key global megatrends is still in its preliminary stages, we present here several external factors that may impact the global carbon black industry between now and 2030.

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