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Global recognition

We take pride in the recognition we receive for our achievements on our journey towards Sustainable Operational Excellence. Here are some of the awards Birla Carbon has received.


EcoVadis recognized Birla Carbon with a Gold rating for advanced sustainable practice

ICBA awarded Gold awards to 10 Birla Carbon plants and 2 research and development laboratories for industry-leading safety levels.

ICBA awarded Bronze awards to four Birla Carbon plants for safety performance.


Top Rubber Award from Borracha Atual magazine as carbon black supplier

Angthong, Thailand

Excellent Establishment on Labour Relations and Welfare Award 2019 from the Ministry of Labour

Santander, Spain

FEIQUE 2019 Safety Award

COASHIQ (Autonomous Safety and Hygiene Commission of the Chemical Industries of Spain) award for zero employee accidents in 2018

Trecate, Italy

Recognized for Excellence in Sustainable Growth by University of East Piedmont, Economy Faculty

Workplace Health Promotion Recognition from the Industrial Association of Novara, Vercelli and Valsesia

Birla Carbon’s sustainability work wins Gold

Corporate Social Responsibility Rating 2019: Gold

In FY2020, Birla Carbon was once again recognized by EcoVadis with a Gold rating for advanced sustainable practice for the fourth consecutive year.

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