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Our Purpose: Share the Strength

At Birla Carbon, we have been sharing our knowledge for over a century, forging new pathways and finding new solutions that help to bring dependability and resiliency to our employees, customers and communities.

Focusing on what matters

Our Vision: To be the most respected, sustainable and dynamic global carbon black business

We aim to be the partner of choice for customers and the best place to work for employees. We achieve this through our Sustainable Operational Excellence (SOE) strategy.

Our Strategy: Sustainable Operational Excellence (SOE)

SOE is our sustainability strategy. It influences every decision we make, from designing and operating our plants to interacting with our customers, our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Birla Carbon Sustainability Policy PDF, 0.4 MB

The three pillars of our SOE strategy


We encourage a culture of responsibility that promotes the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and the communities in which we operate.

Our People


We are committed to producing a consistent supply of world-class carbon black for our customers while also working to reduce our environmental impact and ensuring our product generates real social value.

Our Product


We strive to be a responsible steward of the environment by optimizing the conversion of carbon to carbon black, minimizing our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and maximizing the recovery of energy generated during our manufacturing process.


Our Sustainable Operational Excellence (SOE) strategy

Our vision is to be the most respected, sustainable and dynamic global carbon black business. By embedding sustainable thinking at every level, we meet the ever-changing needs of our stakeholders regardless of economic volatility, increasing environmental and societal concerns, and challenges such as stricter regulatory requirements and evolving customer requirements for better products and processes.

SOE is driven by our influence on three key elements:

Through SOE, we...

  • engage with our stakeholders
  • enable our people
  • take leadership through action

How we are adapting for the future

To continue to achieve Sustainable Operational Excellence, Birla Carbon has aligned with the Aditya Birla Group’s three-step agenda:

  • We have become responsible stewards

  • We have begun greater stakeholder engagement

  • We are future-proofing our business over the long term

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