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Leadership messages

Dr. Santrupt B. Misra

Chief Executive Officer

The ever-growing volatility and uncertainty in the global economic and investment environment makes all of us ever more aware of the relevance of sustainability and its related practices.

In sustainability, Birla Carbon sees an anchor of stability. We also realize that sustainability, while being home-grown and underpinned by regulatory stipulations, can only be furthered and realized through partnership with our customers, addressing their emerging needs and concerns.

Birla Carbon’s sustainability movement has been anchored in three key pillars: collaboration, culture and continuous investment. We have partnered with our customers, technology suppliers and academic institutions to continuously improve our performance and to create products and services that deliver value through sustainable practices. This collaborative approach has taken many forms and has attained different levels of maturity. Internal collaboration between different parts of the business globally has also taken deep root through knowledge dissemination, best practice sharing and leveraging collaborative platforms and technologies.

John Loudermilk

Chief Operating Officer

Sustainability is not only about compliance – it is a necessity for us to modify our business sustainably to improve and deliver value opportunities. It is driving a lot of our innovation investments.

For us, our Purpose Principles have been a way of exploring who we are as a company. We can then leverage this identity, and the recognition that comes with it, to help us develop our business for the future.

We want to use our sales organization, along with marketing, as the central point for identifying new development opportunities, which we can then funnel into our research and development efforts. We want to get downstream in our customers’ organizations to create direct connections with key players from whom we can identify product and service opportunities that are less visible from an outsider’s viewpoint.

This year, we have invested a great deal in both marketing and customer knowledge but also throughout the rest of our organization, increasing the resourcing of technology to focus more on the future. This includes looking into developments such as the circular economy as well as exploring new materials that we don’t currently use or develop but that could drive value for our customers.

Joe Gaynor

Chief Legal, Sustainability and Risk Officer

Our search for purpose is continuous, not just a set point in time. We want to get closer to our customers and lead through innovation.

In FY2019, we have been refining our approach to innovation with the aim of being the most dynamic and sustainable company we can be. We are exploring what innovation means at all levels of Birla Carbon and in all functions. This includes new products and services but also better ways of interacting with our customers and employees. In part, it has meant continuing to develop an environment where the most innovative people want to work and where they feel supported. This is helping us to stay ahead of the sustainability curve.

We are placing increased focus on supporting our employees in all areas, including enhancing programs and systems to reduce potential injuries and fatalities. In the last year, we rolled out a new initiative for reporting incidents with a focus on the Safe Six – lockout-tagout (LOTO), working at heights, mobile equipment, electrical, hot work and confined space – and increasing near-miss reporting. We are sharing best practices not only within Birla Carbon but with other companies within the Aditya Birla Group and with the broader carbon black industry.


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