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Stakeholder engagement

We are stronger when we work together, sharing our knowledge and innovating new solutions by bringing together old and new ideas. We engage and collaborate with a variety of stakeholders across cultures and around the globe, building on the knowledge of others to progress our operations.

As we have reached a level of maturity in our responsible stewardship, we are engaging with key stakeholders to align our sustainability strategy and approach more closely with theirs. We have built strong relationships and improved our understanding of the externalities and trends that could affect us in the future by engaging with our stakeholders, conducting Life Cycle Assessments of our products and sharing information with peers.

We seek to better understand the material issues that affect our stakeholders, which is why we are constantly working to improve our engagement processes. Our engagements with interested parties allow us to benefit them by creating and sharing value.

Our stakeholder groups include:

We have identified several sub-groups of stakeholders that have the greatest impact on our business. Our engagement with these groups is important for our success, and we are shaping our strategy based on what is material to them.

Meeting our neighbors’ needs

Wherever Birla Carbon operates, we aim to engage with the local community to understand what is of concern to them. In Hamilton, Canada, environmental concerns were one such issue. Addressing this, we took the lead in 1998 and we have held onto it for more than 20 years, sharing the strength by partnering with other industries and community groups to become founding members of the Hamilton Industrial Environmental Association (HIEA).

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