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Attracting and retaining talent

We believe that we achieve the best results when we are open to others’ perspectives and work together to make a difference. To maintain our industry-leading position, we seek to engage and attract bright minds in the countries where we operate.

We enable our employees to develop their skills and potential, offering exciting opportunities for career development, learning, recognition and wellbeing, in alignment with A World of Opportunities, the Aditya Birla Group’s Employee Value Proposition.

Our Group Employee Value Proposition

Talent development: Progress towards our target

100% of Birla Carbon managers to have stated and measured goals set annually.

Our HR vision and strategy

Our 2020 Human Resources (HR) Strategy aims to build a high-performing organization by engaging the hearts and minds of all employees in a culture of leadership, collaboration and innovation. It focuses on four key pillars:

  • Profitability – building a high-performing organization through a performance management system, with shared goal setting, roundtable discussions and aligned standards and ratings;

  • Leadership – creating an environment that builds capability, leadership and knowledge, including bringing in stronger talent, encouraging horizontal movements and focusing on diversity;

  • Engagement and culture – building engagement through Inclusion and Leadership Connect and driving the One Birla Carbon culture through a common purpose; and

  • Employer brand – recognition as a strong employer brand, both internally and externally.

These pillars will be supported by a modernized HR governance model that is equipped to achieve our 2020 aim, and we have high expectations for our strategy’s success.

How do we attract and retain talent?

We seek to be an employer of choice in every region where we operate. We place emphasis on talent development, targeted internal movement and continuous engagement with our employees.

Our progress as a company is driven by both the expertise of our seasoned carbon black professionals and the continuous exchange of ideas with the next generation of engineers and scientists. For this purpose, we continue building partnerships with local colleges and universities and invite interns to gain realistic work experience with us. In FY2020, we provided over 80 internships to students.

Participants in the Aditya Birla Group Leadership Program (ABGLP) are offered global project opportunities in varied business functions, such as operations, marketing, finance and HR. In FY2020, 12 participants from leading schools and universities in India and across Asia completed projects with Birla Carbon through this program. We have also hired one ABGLP participant at Birla Carbon, and have given two internship projects to participants of the Group Internship project.

Recognizing our people

Our employees are recognized and rewarded for their contribution to our success. Besides performance-based rewards, exceptional performance is also recognized through regional, business and group-level awards.

Offering employees global training opportunities

In April 2019, we launched our Global Rotation Program. Through the program, high-performing employees are offered the chance to spend four to six weeks working in one of our other global facilities, developing their skills and sharing ideas with international colleagues. Here, two of our employees share their experiences from the program.

How we are supporting the SDGs


Quality education

Our Code of Ethics training provides education to all our employees on human rights and diversity.


Decent work and economic growth

We support our employees’ career progression across all regions and offer a range of employment and career development opportunities.

SDG 17

Partnerships for the goals

We want the achievements of our employees to be recognized not just within Birla Carbon, but throughout the entire Aditya Birla Group.

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