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At Birla Carbon, we have been sharing our knowledge and forging new techniques and applications for over a century. Today, we aim to push the industry beyond its boundaries to deliver limitless value for our customers. This comes in the form of developing increasingly innovative products and strengthening relationships with our customers. We are working directly with them to make their products more sustainable by developing our own with circularity in mind.

Compound Knowledge

Shared knowledge is our most important resource, helping us, and our customers, develop innovative products. By collaborating with customers, we can learn what they want in terms of a sustainable product, while we can share with them our expert knowledge of carbon black and its applications.

Find out more about our five Purpose Principles

At Birla Carbon, we have sustainability ambitions we’re committed to achieving. However, we want to support our customers in reaching their own long-term sustainability goals as well. Our Product Development team is focused on creating innovative carbon black products which meet and exceed customer expectations for quality and performance, as well as sustainability.”

Lewis Tunnicliffe Lead Scientist, Rubber Product Development

Working to create value for our customers

  • The social value of carbon black

    Up to 70% of our carbon black goes into mobility applications, and as such we continue to develop solutions so customers can create end products that last longer and go further with improved fuel efficiency.

  • Ensuring safe, responsible products

    Product safety is of paramount importance to us and to our customers. We test our carbon black thoroughly, ensuring it surpasses health, safety and environmental requirements.

  • Sharing learning with customers

    We invest time and resources into understanding every aspect of carbon black and our industry. We welcome every opportunity to share our findings and answer any questions customers may have.

  • Meeting customers’ needs

    While our customers are experts in their fields, we encourage collaborative development, offering lab support and product testing to create products that are best in class in terms of quality, safety and social value creation.

  • Innovative solutions for customers

    As a company, we aspire to lead the industry with innovative solutions to customer needs. We have developed two world-class research centers in Taloja (Maharashtra, India) and Marietta (Georgia, USA) to further our understanding of carbon black and potential novel areas of application for it.

  • Creating value from repurposing waste

    Producing carbon black is an intricate process that requires highly controlled conditions. Birla Carbon’s carbon black has real value, being made from oil residue that, with limited other commercial use, would otherwise need to be disposed of.

FY2020 highlights

  • Birla Carbon becomes the first carbon black multinational to receive IATF certification across all its manufacturing plants.

    Product quality
  • We invested 4.8% of profits back into research and development.

    Research and development
  • We have developed a Nanocellulose Dispersion Composite (NDC™) in partnership with GranBio, which enhances the sustainability of tires and rubber goods.

    Research and development

Feature stories

How we are supporting the SDGs

Sustainability is crucial when it comes to creating value in the long term, and will continue to drive developments in our operations and technology. Whether through improving the energy and yield efficiencies of our processes or developing our products to be more resilient, we continue to innovate to address growing global demands for more sustainable products, from agriculture to mobility.

The SDGs we are supporting are:

  • SDG 2
  • SDG 3
  • SDG 8
  • SDG 9
  • SDG 10
  • SDG 11
  • SDG 12
  • SDG 17
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