Though invisible, carbon black plays a crucial role in all our lives, every day. At Birla Carbon, we’ve been sharing our knowledge and forging new techniques and applications for over a century. Today, we aim to push the industry beyond its limits to deliver limitless value. As we focus on micro matters from the plant floor to the sales floor, our passion for learning has no ceiling; we’re constantly searching for a deeper understanding of our products and their applications, while ensuring that our product is safe, manufactured to the highest standards and continually innovated to maximize the value it brings to society.

Deepak Tandon

Global Segment Director, Plastics, Specialty Blacks

“We operate in a fast-paced environment and responding quickly and effectively to the needs of our customers is key. Technology enables us to leverage the opportunities and we aim to be at the cutting edge of development as we combine strong global leadership with innovation and experimentation locally.”

We supply our customers with carbon black of the very highest quality, that is safe to use and responsibly manufactured.

Investing in the future

We invested 3.7% of our profit into product and technology R&D in FY2018 (FY2017: 4.8%).

Embedding product stewardship

Our global Product Stewardship Standard is active at 100% of our sites.

Talking to our customers

We sent over 1,400 letters in response to direct requests, with 99% replied to within 24 hours.