Responding to COVID‑19

The spread of COVID‑19 has impacted people on a global scale, posing unprecedented challenges for both communities and businesses. At Birla Carbon, we acted quickly to protect our employees, to ensure business continuity and an uninterrupted supply for our customers.

An hourglass, where the virus is at the top and a production line in at the bottom

Global effort

Our global approach to sharing our strengths and leveraging resources enabled us to protect our employees and maintain strong customer relationships.

In Cubatão and Bahia (Brazil), we held educational meetings with the leadership team and doctors to raise awareness about the importance of effective health and safety measures.

When our facility in China faced a mask shortage, the team in Korea sent thousands. In turn, when masks could not be found in Korea, we shipped them from our team in Brazil, who also sent Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Italy.

Across our facilities we launched the “New Normal” initiative, offering a platform for employees to share how they have adapted to working remotely.

Caring for our people during COVID‑19

As the COVID‑19 pandemic spread, our first action was to ensure all of our employees were kept safe. Our Birla Carbon Hickok (Kansas, USA) team demonstrated their leadership and resiliency by caring for each other and ensuring business continuity. Read about Birla Carbon Hickok’s leadership during COVID‑19 (PDF, 13.7 MB) in our report.

Our Hickok unit supplied 40 respirators to local law enforcement and 40 respirators to the local sanitation department.

Supporting communities where we operate

Healthcare is an area where our community engagement work has added real value, supporting strained healthcare providers during the pandemic. Here are some examples of our recent efforts, and you can read more about our ongoing community healthcare support (PDF, 13.7 MB) in our report.

  • In Brazil, we donated mechanical ventilator equipment to the state of Bahia as part of a partnership led by FIEB (Bahia Industries Federation).

  • In Egypt, we continued funding 60 micro-projects to equip local vulnerable families with the skills to generate an income from home.

  • In Spain, we donated over 800 masks to emergency health service providers.

  • In Italy, we donated €1,500 to the Novara Hospital and a further €10,000 to help local charities purchase masks for the community.

In our report you will find more information on:

  • Our COVID‑19 response across our facilities
  • How we are keeping employees safe
  • Community healthcare support

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